Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Humbling experience are never few and far between when you play poker for a living. Especially at the lowest of low stakes. However I experienced one of my most humbling experiences last Wednesday when I actually booked a win of over $660. I hit 3 sets vs. top pair and got paid off each time and also flopped quads vs. a guy who rivered a full house. Lets just say things went my way.

The humbleness came the next day when I lost about $360. I thought back to my win the day before and realized I didn’t really earn it. Or did I? This game is so confusing. On one hand I was a serious luckbox. However I was able to maximize my earnings in all of my big hands and stay out of hot water the rest of the day. Those 2 things are skills, arent they? I guess theres some days where the cards just play themselves and its our jobs to maximize the wins and keep the losses to a low. That’s most days actually.

Last week started with high hopes and ended abruptly due to some personal things I had to get done. After a small loss followed by my $660 session I played 12hrs Thursday and lost about $360. As I’ve stated before I really have trouble when my sessions go past the 6 or 7 hour mark. Its funny because I really wanna stick to 6hr sessions maximum but then again I need to start putting in more hours to maximize my earnings. Somethings got to give.

I’ve also had trouble playing evening and night hours lately. Thursday I found myself against a wreckless night crowd and It didn’t end well for me. I need more balance and consistency in my schedule and heres what I’m going with for the time ahead….

I’m hoping to play everyday from tomorrow Wed June 27 thru Thursday July 5th. I may possibly take 1 day off. Monday I booked a room so I’m back to putting double Monday sessions into my routine with a break in between. I’m seriously poised for a big week because I’m dying to get up to 2/5 and also play some tourneys. Hopefully all goes well.

On a sidenote I've been watching a ton of poker stuff on YouTube lately. I found this funny Interview with Durrr from 2009 where hes clearly uncomfortable with something. Either being on camera or talking to a girl...I dunno. But aside from the sillyness one thing he said really stuck out and that was "It's really easy to fold". Its so basic yet Its so true. Think about it. I myself am guilty of folding too often. I've told myself that you can't win at this game without folding the best hand often...which is true. But maybe what I think of as one of my biggest skills, is just me taking the easy way out.

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